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Message Subject Operation Archangel?
Poster Handle Trenton12
Post Content
Think this is getting a bit ridiculous really- it's unlikely anyone was trying to engineer Jesus, if nothing else it wouldn't be in the best interests of the powers that be...

...I assure you that's not my only problem with that theory though.

Secondly, what would be so important about this girl they'd have to get rid of her, or pay so much to get her back? I'm no cynic, but X Men isn't a documentary, and we've a long way to go evolution wise before people start developing beyond what humans can do at the moment.

As an aside, Obama, antichrist? Can we not get a little perspective here, and start looking at the real questions. What's the video, who is this girl, and now given the Wikifess comment above, who started this thread in the first place?

I'm a little concerned, given this could well be a human rights issue, but also getting tired of digressions... only so many hours out of work in the day.
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