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Message Subject Operation Archangel?
Poster Handle Zardos
Post Content
I'm sure disarray has already occurred and we're not aware of it. Deaths and "accidents" happen every day. Who knows, maybe that piece of news that got shoved to the back of the newspaper was actually significant to what's going on with this Operation Archangel situation and Emily Turner.
 Quoting: The Stranger

This is pretty freaky - for extremists saying they are willing to ally with christians means they must be desperate. It clues into something I've been hearing from a lot of people - one channel four the other week, someone said that Mualims and Christians unite against the forces of atheism. I don't think he was talking about this, but I've seen people saying this all over the place. As if people of religion are putting aside their differences and uniting against people who do not believe in God.

If all these organisations are coming together, it explains why they may be able to offer such a huge reward.
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