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Message Subject Operation Archangel?
Poster Handle michiko
Post Content
Wikifess now revealed emails, showing a government front is the initiator of this story, including the website and reward announcements. This makes more sense now, I was surprised at the lack of government involvement, but I guess they fooled me at the root - the whole thing is a government front!!! But would disagree with siding on the scientific side of the nature of this campaign - religious could very well be the case, otherwise why would an extremist group like www.purgetheworld.com get on it, with a reward of their own? I appreciate political agendas, but when it comes to fanatics posting videos on make-shift websites, there are usually matters of religion at stake.
 Quoting: new-outlook 6128748

So if Find Emily Turner campaign is just a front, how about Purgetheworld.com? Do you think it is also one of their fronts? It is just quite disturbing why do they have to make these kind of agendas if there is no really serious thing happening. But which is true and which is not? Okay, if the reward announcements is fake then is Emily Turner lost or not? What do you think?
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