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Message Subject Operation Archangel?
Poster Handle Jake MG
Post Content
Hi, Jake's here...I have been following this story with Emily for a while by now and have been posting stuff on other forums as well...I see that the discussion here is developing around Emily's baby - again...

My previous theories of this baby being a genetically modified Jesus Christ or an alien baby seem silly to me now..I mean, c'mon peoplewtf, stop speculating about the baby, what's really important is that the government is using this story to cover up redfacesome screwed up things!!!!

Since French Declaration of Independence (19th century!!!), the freedom of religion was granted to people in France and, then, everywhere in the world! As well as the freedom of forming non-military groups and organizations!!! If the UK Government is trying to control religious organizations with this so-called Operation Archangel - that is a national scandal!!!!!!!!!! That is against human rights!pigchef
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