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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, Official 2012 Thread (TO BE CONTINUED) Israel, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, PA, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, China, U.S.
Poster Handle Steve5728
Post Content

I do not believe that is what the head of the CIA is doing. Obahmah could never play the role of one not caring for Israel if this was part of a plan, he is too political to almost lose a vote over some thinking he is anti Israeli. Instead he just does not like Israel and he now does not care .
 Quoting: MIL MAN

I'm just confused with Obama positioning. The man is on election campaign, how this sudden opposition against Israel plans could garner more votes?

Do you think he'd be willing to lose votes and support, just in order to demonstrate inner feelings against Israel?
 Quoting: tmorais

Seems very difficult to understand but perhaps he does not worry about the election for some reason.
 Quoting: MIL MAN

He's going to say that we are standing with Israel by "protecting the gulf"!
"we are Israel's flank".
This way Obama doesn't have to on the offense with Israel.
 Quoting: AkivaJeff

Going to happen anyway!!!
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