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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, Official 2012 Thread (TO BE CONTINUED) Israel, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, PA, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, China, U.S.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Don't know if any of you saw this summation by our Buddy Ashton from another thread, but it really is spot on...I might need to hire this kid...

LOL, dream on, little goat-rapist.

While it's way too early to say anthing conclusively.... preminarily speaking, this is an ISRAELI Win --- not Hamas:

1) There were NO "opening of the gates of Hell" as Hamas and Islamic Jihad promised. All those billions of dollars invested into Hamas over the many years by Iran, Syria, KSA/Qatar and Muslim Brotherhood.... all those Iranian "super-dooper" Al-Qods Forces & IRGC advisors that buil=d state-of-the-art weapons factories, depots, bunkers, Centcom facilities.... plus shitload of advanced Russia weaponry smuggled into the tunnels first during Mubarak reign, then even more so under Morsi.......... WERE FOR NAUGHT.

Aside from that stupd Habad family that failed to heed the IDF warning and go into the stairwell where they would have been protected instead of standing by the window.... There weren't 100's of casualties that Hamas wanted by firing 1000 upgraded Chinese Grads & Fajr-3, Fajr-5 into city centers. There was no economic paralysis or depression. Israelis continued on, in fact many were lookinng on like in a soccer match & partying hardy.

2) The more talented Hamas and Islamic Jihad commanders like Ahmed Ja'abari and Raed al-Atar were almost totally eliminated. The rest were hiding among children, trembling like rats they are. Big rocket launchers???? Gone. Infrastructure, bank, gas lines, parliament? Gone. This will take years and more billions of dollars to rebuild to rebuild.

3) Israel didn't lose a SINGLE drone, nevermind a single tank, a helicopter or a jet --- despite dozens of atttempts by Hamas to down one using sophisticated Russian Igla-S, Strela supplied by Iran and smuiggled from Qaddafi's stash in Lybia. Not a single Israeli tank lost -- even thoughb they were parked for days on end right on the Gaza border --- well, within the range of RPG-29, RPG-30, nevemind the ATGM like Kornet, Metis-M or Milan that have an effective range of 5 miles!

4) Iron Doem is a brand new system created by Israel in record short period of time... still lots to improve & modify. There were only 4 batteres in the beginning of this conflict instead of the planned 13-15 for full covertage. And they intercepted 90% of the Gaza missiles projected to cause the most damage in city centers, which is one of the reasons Israeli casulaties were so low (the dead Habad woman was in a place NOT covered by Iron Dome yet).

5) But it gets even better: the 5th Iron Dome battery had to be rushed through develpment 3 months ahead of schedule because of this conflict. And it intercepted 10 Fajr-5 rockets which is incredible because Iron Dome wasn't even designed for intercept exensive large rockets like Zelzal or Fajr-5. That's a game-changer. There are rumours now that all the countries who were initially skeptical about Iron Dome's feasibility, are now EXTREMELY interested in buying it, including South Korea, Singapur, Colombia, the US course. So not only is Iron Dome's cost off-set by American military assistence as well as separate Congressional out-lays ------> once Israel starts selling this system, it will make substantial PROFIT.... which will be reinvested back into the ID program R&D, as well as into ever more advanced SAM systems like Magic Wand and Arrow-3. A win-win situation for Israel.

6) Further-more, the ENTIRE Israeli Military-Industries benefitted from the surgical operations --- it proved that Israeli weapons work as advertised, not just Iron Dome. the C-Music system, the Spike NLOS that brilliantly took out 4 Islamic Jihad commanders hiding in the media complex building room without harming the civilians in that building.... the various small drones that were hunting preveiously unreachable Jihadi leadership & sophisticated under-ground rcoket launchers.... etc, etc, etc. Expect BILLIONS of dollars in new contracts for Israeli weapons signed in the next year.... big boost to the economy.

7) For all their never-ending Islamic bluster about how they will defend Gaza from Zionist Aggressor... but Iran and Hezbollah elected to SHUT THE FUCK UP & SIT THE FUCK DOWN. In fact, reportedly Hezbollah were using their operatives in South Lebanon in policing capacity -- lest God forbid, some Palistinian sympathizer fired a Grad rocket from Lebanese soil --- thus inviting Israel to kick some major Hezbollah ass again (8:1 ration during 2nd lebanese war in favor of IDF -- and billions of dollars in damage, which even Hassan Nasrallah regretted on TV afterwards...so much for Israel "losing" the war....)

8) Israel managed to make Obama, Hillary Clinton and Mohamma Morsi virtual GUARANTORS of cease-fire & smuggling tunnel control. So now, neither US nor Egypt can afford to look the other way like they used to -- and risk totally discrediting themselves on the world stage, as well as being blamed for any renewal of violence.

9) Israes does NOT have to open border crossing into OR lift the arms-blockade. Certainly not in the near-future. Thus limiting Iran's ability to rebuild Gaza terror infrastructure as uuickly as they want to.

10) Israel got Islamic Jihad, Hamas AND Iran themselves to admit that Iran WAS the supplier of advanced weaponry & the decision-maker behind attacks on Israeli civilians. I mean, we all knew that, but Iran denied it, and there was no HARD proof. Now there IS proof. That is casus belli -----? thus paving legal & legitimate way for Israel to strike Iran's nuke program & regime in the near future. Thanks Ali Larinjani, thanks for your big mouth.

11) Nentanyahu did NOT get boggged down in a (very expensive) Gaza Ground-War Quagmire ----> not only did that preserve Israel's strong High-tech economy.....but it also will preempt the future criticism from his political rivals in the Left-wing that Bibi is a "warmonger". Bibi totally painted Shelley Yachimovich and Social Justice crowd into a corner, consigned them to Election irrelevancy --- just when Obama hoped that the seemingly resurrgent Israeli Labor could win elections and get rid of Obama's nemesis Netanyahu.... Not so fast, Barack Husseinovch, LOL!

12) Israel as a whole looks like REASONABLE country that is open to cease-fire --- as opposed to what Israel's critics & haters wanted to see happen: a Russian Grozny Siego type of carpet-bombing campaign on Gaza which would have opened Israel up to charges of Crimes against Humanirt & led to re-newed B.D.S camaign.

13) Israel got to TEST just how coordinated the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Islamic Jihad-Hamas-PRC "Resistance" axis was. Suffice it to say, it was a big letdown for the Axis.

14) Israel was much better at PR than in previous war. Using Youtube and creative new media, Israel supplied ample proof of just how BARBARIC, EVIL and FANATICAL Hamas and other Islamists really are. Even Hamas supporters in the West no longer dare to use the old "oh Hamas builds schools, they are legitimate democratic government, they don't hide behind human shields, blablabla" Bullshit -----> at best, they avoid the Hamas topic altogether. Tha't big -- because in 2008/2009, they were screaming Israel Genocide Hamas aaarrrrhghgghgh!

15) Israel stunned Hamas and Iran with how PRECISE its intelligence was on location of the terror leaders, infrastructure, massive underground weapons depots. Hamas was so shocked, so paranoid they tried to execute random "collaborators" ---- thus making themselves look like idiots & savages all the world media. Again, even their former supporters in the West aren't as vocal in their defense of Hamas pointless, knee-jerk brutality and massive lies......

16) Bibi can now concentrate on Elections... then on Iran, which as the Saudi King Abdullah said on those classified Wikileaks cables, is the REAL head of the snake.....

Um... again... just as Saddam promised the Mother of all Battles.... the Hamas "Gates of Hell" was a big FAIL!!!
 Quoting: Gerry52

I understand your point Gerry, but I don't share your conviction:

The above is true, if:

1) you accept to live in a perpetual conflict, with on and off wars,
2) accept the murder of your people in these wars and run ups to these war,
3) accept to live in a shifting sand environment, where unintended consequences, new alliances, or just bad luck could endanger the survival of your people.

In that environment there is no conviction to solve a problem, this way or the other, and to go all along to solve this problem.
Rather there is a muddle through thinking, with a constant propaganda of declaring victory and interpreting reality in your favor.

Besides, I don't believe, that the "tradition" or "culture" of your enemies or a region, should influence the way you solve problems or to lead wars.

I rather believe, that if there is a problem and you can't live with it, it needs to be solved.

And if you can't solve it tomorrow early in the morning for once and for all, you need to have a plan to solve it deadline at the end of the week.
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