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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, Official 2012 Thread (TO BE CONTINUED) Israel, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, PA, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, China, U.S.
Poster Handle JoeGreen
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Exposure! Behind the scenes of the cease-fire, brutal American veto on Israel

Now turn out to me (mercy of officials who are afraid to come out openly and find out things behind the scenes, but want to take advantage of the platform site this momentous to view things as they are public) that the main reason for not completing the operation, and the entrance to Gaza was vetoed aggressive U.S. and Obama on the course it.

Clinton sent Israel Bezeq did not come to visit or support efforts to promote a cease-fire, but are beginning to emphasize to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak that the U.S. veto the continued operation is very serious veto, not a veto, but severely prohibited.

Clinton threatened right on the Prime Minister and told him that if Gaza will not only win support from the U.S., but the U.S. itself will support international action, as well as threatening the United States would support Abbas UN bid for status as a , public support Palestinian state on all the territories of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. In fact unilaterally adopt positions Abbas. And that Israel will lose this move.

Clinton, of course, threatened that Israel would not win military support, and financial funding of the war. As well as iron dome cessation aid, but especially Clinton warned Netanyahu that the U.S. president will remove completely from the table the steps to halt the Iranian nuclear program.

Clinton made it clear that tandem. That the U.S. look favorably consider the Israeli concessions and cease fighting in Gaza, and give Israel gifts for her.

First force the U.S. to Egypt to force Hamas cease-fire.

Indeed, the American pressure also suffered brutal laptop Mursi absorbed that he looks after the conversation with Americans as having serious indigestion .. Indeed performed perfunctorily American diktat, do not worry too rewarded and rewarded.

Now will the U.S. and Israel generous economic aid to cover the costs of the war. Doubling the effort for more batteries Dome shoe and will work magic wand., And click on the Egyptians, and act jointly with Israel efforts including military actions like this and others to prevent the rearming of Hamas in Gaza., And more promises., But behind The threat was non-ambiguous to the penalties punish Israel if the U.S. will continue in operation.

U.S. also promised Israel that after treatment the Iranian issue and other issues related to the Arab Spring in the Middle East, will also Hamas's time, first head of the octopus should cripple Clinton explained, then it will be easier to handle arms.

USA's aggressive pressure Bibi surprised he was sure that the U.S. will stand by his side, certainly did not expect these threats, so he and other members Nonet had to choose a ceasefire. Was so important to the U.S. cease-fire, that neither waived formal agreements and principles, mere ceasefire.

These things according to the first leaks were behind the unexpected ceasefire and this sense. Bibi had to choose between going operation without U.S. support and opposition and sanctions on Israel, or stop and hope for the future.


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 Quoting: Steve5728

THIS MAKES 100% SENSE.....thank you
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