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FOOD DOOM: Drought and SuperBugs Devastate U.S. Corn Crop

Mr Martin
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08/31/2012 03:43 PM
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FOOD DOOM: Drought and SuperBugs Devastate U.S. Corn Crop
In yet another instance of “unintended consequences,” a recent study has determined that this year’s drought damage to corn crops is even worse because of Bt corn, and failure to rotate crops.

GreenMedInfo, claiming to be the world’s most widely referenced, evidence-based natural medicine resource, posted an August 23 article revealing the result of the findings of farmers and crop and pesticide management experts. The website specializes in postingabstracts (brief summaries of research articles or in-depth analyses of particular subjects) of scientific findings and academic papers. Dr. Bruce Potter, University of Minnesota professor and farmer Charlie Sandager concluded that the primary corn pest rootworm has developed resistance to the proteins in the GMO (genetically modified organisms) Bt Corn that was designed to kill the pests.

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[link to thenewamerican.com]

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