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Poster Handle drhoecker
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OP you can prove to yourself the earth is round with a weather balloon and a camera...

Pretty much anyone with a few grand and the notion to do so can prove it to themselves these days...
 Quoting: ^TrInItY^

but not a soul will look at my proof of god
nor look at my face on the earth
nor look into the arc i cary
every religion has offered to kill me
when i searched for ther truth everyone lied to me and led me astray
i hold the fire stone even
meaning i am the chief of the fireclan but i have not even one other soul in this group
i am a chief of none and hold proof of all things
so much for everyone else
they may as well think the world was a cracker jack surprize inside the box for all i care.
how will you take truth when it is verified ?
no one will admit even here i tell ahead the future and it comes true
nobody will step up and verify i use glp as witness post
like issac,i wrote ahead i would slow the storm with
and it was gaining speed then but slowed doan and few died.
like new your last year the same,i asked none be harmed as it passed through down town nyc
none died at all.
then even the dc pyramid i told ahead that cracked the cornerstone out
where are the believers ?
i hold god proof as what he is really
not a soul would hear me so think as you wish whatever you say folks. everyone is wrong. i am angered over the ones in charge who say they carry truth but sent searchers down the wrong paths,cast stumbling blocks in the path of the one who wanted truth.
shame on all men. death dont scare me either.this time you die with me,mark my words.there is a stone bearing down onn us right now.trinity will see it and reveal you from orion the rock coming at us some day.
well carry on your lies and self rightious ways.
i have no more time for the dead souls walking
you every one rejected gods messenger.the one shown by face on the mountains.
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