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Oy. - OP ...

I'm still interested in the development opportunities.

Are you the universal realtor for the underside plots?
 Quoting: MindShaft

i believe that the underside is like the last frontier, totally undiscovered.
it's just like the other side of the moon ...it's very rough and dark and cold.
some creatures live there but they have to get thru very deep crevasses...
have you heard how there are colonies of subhuman like creatures who "live in the deep"?? well, that's where they are.
even Jesus told us about this place...he called it Heidi or something like that,like some sort of afterlife place.... and after he died the bible says that he went to this place for 3 days....
that's where all the dead people go for the afterlife.
when Jesus was on the cross the thief next to his said: Jesus take me with you and Jesus replied : " verily verily I tell you that this day ye shall be with me in paradise'. so the same day Jesus went to this hell place and teh thief went there also.

then before that Jesus said to his apostles : go and spread this gospel to the 4 corners of the earth.
this proves beyond doubt that the earth is flat.
who knows more? Jesus or the illuminati scientists???
 Quoting: GUIDO 22980348

Dear OP:

When God was talking about the 4 corners of the Earth he was talking about the 4 corners of reality. IE: the 4 planes of reality. Read more about it here:

[link to paradoxae.com]

In actually there are 5 planes...one which is a mirror twin that never separates. In our reality we are 3-dimensional. Though getting to the fourth plane is possible most of us never even realize it's there. This link will give you more depth about the layers of planes:

[link to www.multidimensions.com]

If you read it you will understand that love gets you closer to God and understanding life and how everything is inter-connected. Read more and you will understand why hate is killing us all and leading us to our ultimate extinction.
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