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obviously you werent paying attention.
i had already explained all this.

the earth is round like a pizza and also has a surface called 'crust'

how thick is this earth pizza??? we dont know exactly because for reasons of obfuscation they have not palesely concentrated of depth core drilling.
I believe the deepest drilling attempted is around 6000m
but as God does everthing in 7's, my theory is that the earth is 7km deep.
by proeffering the obfuscating theory that the earth is a ball, science has therefore made redundant the requirement of further drilling to find out the depth of our planet (planet is from latin plane which means FLAT) .

why dont ships fall off the edge???
i have already explained this :
the water level of the oceans is the lowest seuface level of the earth therefore ALL the bodies of water are automatically contained by higher natural ground levels which hold the water in place just like a lake.
 Quoting: betty189

just a few more questions,have you ever gone to the edge of the earth and looked over the edge,to see it for yourself?
has anyone you know of done this? what do they see? have you ever heard of anyone falling off the edge into space?
 Quoting: GUIDO 23018603

how long is a piece of string?
you cannot fall off into empty space because the erth plane is encompassed by the atmosphere which holds the surface under gentle pressure, like gravity but pushed down from above.
when we can break thru the atmospheric layers then we enter into space proper and it is at that point that you become detached from this planet earth and yes, you can fall off into total oblivion....that's the reason why when austronauts go into space outside the atmosphere, they have to remain attached to a cord otherwise they vanish into space.
you are trying to tempt me with trick questions/ just like teh pharesees tried to tempt Jesus with trick questions.
 Quoting: betty189
trick questions? calm down, i never talked to a flat earther before,i never even bothered to read why they think the earth is flat, im just wondering the science behind the reasoning,i think those are valid questions,
but going to bed now,will check back tomorrowyawn
 Quoting: GUIDO 23018603

so if you fall off your bed while you sleep, does it mean that the earth is a ball???

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