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for 6000 years it has been common wisdom that the earth is flat...even Jesus who came from and went back to heaven stated that the earth has 4 cornes.
suddenly the illuminati lied to us that the earth is round like a ball. That is not true and cannot be proven.
if it was a ball the water from the oceans would have just fallen off into space.
if the earth was spinning I would know because i suffer from motion sick and can't even ride a car without vomiting my guts out.
if the earth was round and spinning at the same time it makes no sense because the planes could not land to a destination that is constantly changing position due to spinning...have you ever seen a fly land on a spinning ball???? ever....
but a fly will land on any thing that stands still.
 Quoting: GUIDO 22980348

3 words for you; gravity, velocity & magnetism. With that you can have a ball. You can live on that ball, you can move on that ball, and you can be blissfully unaware of the spin of that ball.

If you truly think the earth is flat than you are the dumbest human being on earth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20599346

Youre actually dumb if you dont understand Platos cave, Flat earth is a code word allegory for the duality of those demanding personal experience and in contrast, those with blind faith.

Look at all the people guzzling down aspartame and chemicals and GMO and consumming the television and being told what to do like sheep without saying, Hey, whats the evidence of the lab reports? Did rats die after aspartame, Hell , yeah they did ! You have the duality of those waiting on proof and those with blind faith.

Flat earth is a code word for Platos cave and the secret of who really runs the earth.
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