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My name is Guido and I am the OP..I am not sure what it means to be the OP but i am the OP nevertheless.
 Quoting: GUIDO 23278585

Indeed you are. Can't argue there.

I am quite saddened that after returning from hospital I have to read all these negative invectives that my relapse my depression.
i just want to explain to the man from Sweden who keeps asking teh same stupid question : why don't we fall off the edge of the earth into space???
well sir, please just take a look at the OFFICIAL map of the Earth, the very one that makes up the emblem of none other than the United Nations...
well can you observe that the land mass is totally contained by the body of water.
This means that you can travel on land all you want and all you can, but you can never reach the very edge of the Earth because wherever you go on land you will reach the oceans.

next question: why dont the oceans fall off into space??? well sir, if you read my post , it is simply because the earth is exactly like a pizza with a high thick crust all around the edge (it is in fact called "the earth crust") so this "çrust" has the sole function of containing the body of water.
When you navigate the oceans you are not even aware the you are so close to the edge (which is on teh other side of the crust)because from the ship you are looking towards the crust as it was a shoreline.
Do you sir, know what is teh difference between the beach and the shore?
well, there you are...that's your explanation.
and please do not ever again mock that which you do not understand. But rather view all which is proffered with an open mind.
thank you to all those who have supporterded me mentally and morally. It is not easy to be a genius in a world inhabited by fools.
 Quoting: GUIDO 23278585

It can't be easy being the biggest fool either, so I sympathize with your plight.
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