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Message Subject Obama Has Given America Four Years Of Relative Peace. Neo Cons Would Unleash Hell.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, you're wrong, though if the Elites wanted an Iran War, we would have had one by now. There must be a timeline for it or something else, and now is not the time.


1) Obama didn't end the Iraq War -- believe it or not, Bush did before leaving office.

2) Obama's State Dept. did everything they could to keep troops in Iraq, but that pesky Iraqi government fought back.

3) Obama's tripled the amount of troops in Afghanistan.

4) Obama is the drone-assassinating president.

5) Obama supported the NATO incursion in Libya, which was illegal and staged.

6) Obama didn't close Guantanomo, he expanded it.

7) Obama's reaffirmed the curbed civil liberties from the Bush years and taken away even more of our rights.

Romney/Ryan may be worse, but war happens no matter who the president is, unless they take a courageous stand against it (Kennedy).
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