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Message Subject Obama Has Given America Four Years Of Relative Peace. Neo Cons Would Unleash Hell.
Poster Handle chris999
Post Content
Just by reading GLP one thing I can tell about the hatred of Obama is it is largely based on conspiracy, not on policy or fact.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14896274

Its in the media too. The media has called him everything up to this point short of calling him the Antichrist.

I dont like Obama either... but what i hate even more is a bunch of god damn jewish people on TV and radio who are mad at Obama because he wont start WW3 (like Romney would) trying to tell me how to think...

The fact that the lemmings all repeat everything they hear like fucking parrots makes me realize that the rest of the world is right, and that most Americans really are fucking stupid, and that they will believe ANYTHING as long as Fox News says it.
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