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Message Subject Obama Has Given America Four Years Of Relative Peace. Neo Cons Would Unleash Hell.
Poster Handle Bluebird
Post Content
Tell your "Relative Peace" story to the Afghans (Since he more than tripled the amount of troops there), tell it to the Libyans...who he waged an illegal and unconstitutional war on without the consent of our congress. Tell the Syrians, who he has unleashed Al Queda on (Just when you thought you knew who the enemy was)...

I'm sure all of these people would be very interested in your theories on the relativity of peace...
 Quoting: Saddletramp

1)America has signed a treaty with Afghanistan and Obama i ending Bushs war there, trying to.

2)Obama didn't wage war on Libya America provided logistics to NATO when france jumped the gun in a gold grab to save their sinking nation from debt and to get out of all the money France owed Kaddafi.

3)Al Qaeda is rouge CIA everyone knows that another hold over from Bush and the Neo Cons.

So you got two problems started by the Neo Cons and Bush and NATO that thinks it owns America military.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12672103

More of our troops have died in Afghanistan under Obama than in the preceeding years combined. Obama called Afgthanistan "the right war" so I don't know why you are calling it Bush's war. Obama is the one who "surged" our presence there for no known reason.

Al Qaeda is being funded by the Muslim Brotherhood and has been in recent years. I guess you didn't get the memo. That would be the same Muslim Brotherhood to whom Obama is giving BILLIONS of our tax dollars and borrowing money from China to give them as well. Muslim Brotherhood is funding just about every known terrorist islamic extremist organization in the middle east.

You really should keep up with things as they are currently and not rely on 12 year old information.
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