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Message Subject Obama Has Given America Four Years Of Relative Peace. Neo Cons Would Unleash Hell.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You racist anto Obama tards can't turn back the clock. You think by letting the Neo Cons into power to saddle you with taxes to fight wars for corporations that somehow "White power" will reestablish itself but you are wrong. all you wil be doing is alienating the planet from you and sending Americas youth into a buzz saw.

When gas prices go through the roof the American military will have to quit any war that they are in and come home immediately, except for a few atomic subs the whole American military will have to shut down and those subs will have to come home to protect Americas borders.

How short sighted and ignorant could you be to even THINK of letting the Neo Cons back into power.

Oil can't travel through the Gulf if there is a War going on there America has no Alternative Energy because you tards keep fighting Obama.

It doesn't take a genius to see what will happen at home if Oil prices go through the roof because of a War in the Gulf.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12672103

I'm not voting AT ALL, because if my observation is serving me correctly, and I think it is, the u.s. has a body filling up with cancer.
Obama is patching up the seams of an ever-expanding putrifaction inflicting our insane policies abroad (you know, countries we used to work with until we sold out the functioning heart of this nation through outsourcing) where we kill people from thousands year old cultures and make our heart beat by proxy.
Romney on the other hand would destroy our country full tilt no anesthetic, goodbye to everything you worked for all your lives you will see people self-combusting in the streets because life is no longer possible to live.
All he talks about is Israel, not US.

This is a game that began full implementation in l994, we have been playing monkey-in-the-middle and never catching the ball ever since.
Our country has turned cold from within. The new language is the language of hate...especially self-hatred...a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome while we are poisoned, robbed, raped and shafted and daily manipulated like little R2D2s
to express our lowest most unevolved petty hatreds that cause nothing nothing nothing but misery and grief throughout our "culture" without basic decency and reason.

Our nation has devolved into an embarrassment of regressed superficial sanitized Agenda 21 "democrats" while plunging the world into grief, and "republicans" are thick headed thugs unable to reason and regard human empathy as a fault rather than a necessity assigning the human heart to hell and "pull up the anchor I'm aboard" F you.

We have to acknowledge we are as good as dead in this country.
Old sound ideaologies are so unrecognizeable, our discourse so displaced we are living in an Insane Asylum comprised of 50 states. Our LEADERS are fucking gone insane as are we.
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