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super volcanic eruption

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1516077
United States
09/02/2012 01:50 AM
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super volcanic eruption
i just watched a movie in which star alignment was the cause for volcanic eruption. of all movies, it was a kids 3d movie, space chimps.

it strikes me that we talk about all kinds of doom but we never really talk much about volcanic eruption.

if there was a massive flood in time of noahs ark, it makes sense of how it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.it scientifically seem to make sense and not just a fairy tale story.

i've stocked up a lot of preparations for economic collapse and such, but haven't really prepared for a super volcanic eruption.

how would one go about preparing for such an event? any recommendations?

User ID: 21658555
New Zealand
09/02/2012 02:55 AM
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Re: super volcanic eruption
The earth is going to experience much more volcanic acitivity than we modern humans could ever imagine...well thats what i think anyway. I wonder if something is happening in the core of the earth that is forcing magma to be more pressurised...?

But there is alot of earthquake activity that looks to be more volcanic in nature than tectonic....but only time will tell. Most likely there would be warning.....but we humans have been caught by surprise many time before!

As for surviving it...? Depends on how close you are to the action and how big the eruptions become. A supervolcano is a much more serious consequence for earth than an earthquake....the whole climate is affected for years and years...like an ice age. The soils and water would all be contaminated...the air....

There have been several earthquake swarms around volcanic hotspots...some in heavily populated regions.

I thought this article from 2003 was interesting...talking of new things that were going on then. But right towards the end of the article he says " Yes there is an unprecedented level of activity going on, but it currently is deep."....

Well now the swarms are shallow quakes...so things have evolved a lot in the last decade.

Interested observer of all things interesting!

Please note : Where appropriate for posted images/ graphs I acknowledge the New Zealand GeoNet project and its sponsors EQC, GNS Science and LINZ, for providing data/images used in my study and analyses of Volcanic and Earthquake information in New Zealand.