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The Truth is Blind

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User ID: 19534453
United States
09/03/2012 07:10 AM
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The Truth is Blind
Is anything ever true anymore?

Or do you feel so many lies have been generated to the point it is hard to believe anything now a days

The way i see it everything is a lie

Love = Lie
Peace = Lie
Freedom = Lie
Education = Lie
This government = Lie
Hope = Lie
Religion = Lie
YouTube = Lie
Facebook = Lie
Twitter = Lie
CNN = Lie
Fox News = Lie
Msnbc = Lie
Republicans = Lie
Democrats = Lie
Climate Change = Lie
Family = Lie
Even the truth now = Lie

You ask why?

This list all boils down to one word "Deception"

Last Edited by Divinityz on 09/03/2012 07:16 AM
It is better to let the world go out of control so they can see their own fate just as I did 20 years ago
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22995490
United Kingdom
09/03/2012 07:47 AM
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Re: The Truth is Blind
Is the Truth 'blind' or is it a 'Lie'OP?.... Or are you saying blindness to the 'Truth' is the same as a lie?

The 'Truth'....YOUR truth resides within you and no amount of looking for answers out there will give you...YOUR truth...

Love...Peace...Freedom.....Hope... cannot be lies.....for their interpretation is based on what one percieves....

Love Is......
Peace Is.....
Freedom Is....
Hope Is.....

So to me everything is not a 'Lie'....