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ZIINGA !!!! Total scam

User ID: 23101214
United Kingdom
09/03/2012 07:53 AM
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ZIINGA !!!! Total scam
Yup, I got caught too ;-(( My mother was dying and I was not thinking.
Got onto the site, had an idea it was a scam but wasn't thinking straight. Monthly fee taken so opted to pay the £35.00 fee for termination to save over £100. So they now owe me,not sure I will see any of it though !! iamwith
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15939260
09/12/2012 07:44 AM
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Re: ZIINGA !!!! Total scam
i wish i waouldve seen this before i fell for their 'only $3 for a camera'. it was only till the next day that i was charged an extra 89.99 for membership. when i asked for a refund they said there's a $53 membership cancellation fee