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Message Subject A virus that eats cancer, Cheap to produce, the virus is exquisitely precise, with only mild, flu-like side- effects in humans is just sitting in
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How do you think they get all these lab animals to have cancer? They just wait and hope? No, they inject pesticides and cancer results everytime. 2+2 folks. If your body can't handle the toxic overload cancer pops up. Why do you think Monsanto wants every crop to be drenched in pesticides and survive? Those pesticides are absorbed by the plant and carried up the food chain, so if the GMO organ failure doesn't get you the pesticides will.

If you don't want cancer don't poison yourself, and instead give your body the tools to fight it through proper nutrition and supplementation.

Anyone who believes cancer can't be cured is ignorant, I know first hand that it can be bad so do tens of millions of other people. Only those who stand to profit will tell you it can only be treated.
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