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Message Subject A virus that eats cancer, Cheap to produce, the virus is exquisitely precise, with only mild, flu-like side- effects in humans is just sitting in
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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If youve never seen the documentary on Dr. Burzinski, he created a 100% cure for EVERY type of cancer, including tumors in the brain that people/ parents were told were untreatable and death was certain. In the 80's Dr. Burzinski began his work with Antineoplastons and EVERY person he treated was cured. ...I dont want to tell what all happened to this aazingly kind Dr. And the pure hell he was put through all at the hands of Big Pharma ....so if you get a chance to watch it.....ITS A REAL EYE OPENER!!!
Just do the search and the documentary will come up. Amazing and incredible testimonies from the cured patients themselves, along with their medical records. Have a great day my fellow GLPer's!
 Quoting: Pleased2BMe92029

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

notice how there is no evidence what so ever to show it does not work... considering the terminal nature of cancer wouldnt it be worth trying anyway , instead of dying?
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