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Message Subject A virus that eats cancer, Cheap to produce, the virus is exquisitely precise, with only mild, flu-like side- effects in humans is just sitting in
Poster Handle Captain Spaulding
Post Content
Cancer is a FUNGUS
Baking soda and maple syrup
Hemp oil
Vit b 17
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2192414

A very close friend, ex-inside linebacker, was given a diagnosis of stage 4 throat cancer, three moths to live. He went to canada for Hemp Oil treatment, illegal here in the states. That was almost three years ago now and he has a 10 month old son.

I had per-cancerous polyps removed from my colon. They left the largest one and went back for it 3 moths later. I had changed my diet to "mostly" raw food, less red meat, and I juice veggies every night ALONG with the maple syrup and baking soda (both organic) and the polyp was biopsied and had no signs of cancer at all.

NO THANKS TO MY GI DOCTOR HERE. He said it, my diet, wouldn't make a difference and started discussing chemo before he went in the for second time.

Screw the AMA. This country is only number 37 from the bottom of 191 countries in health care quality. That puts Arizona in the bottom 7 per cent of 191 countries for health care. Even the feds rate this states' medical system as "dismal at best". And all people are worried about here is Sheriff Joke and his posse.

You've got to be proactive about your health. There's too many people making too much money off us being sick to trust ANY of them.
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