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Message Subject May 5 target date for earthquake influenced by asteroids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow, The Truthworker you have been outed.
I'm not surprised someone picked up on it, this is an item by Erik Klemetti, I respect this guy he knows his stuff.

Erik Klemetti - assistant professor of Geosciences at Denison University

The Fraudulent Business of Earthquake and Eruption Prediction
[link to www.wired.com]

Another example, this time using asteroid passing near Earth. Some people claim that certain close approaches of asteroids will cause earthquakes that can be predicted. This is equivalent to the “supermoon” idea, that if the moon is full and closer to the Earth than normal, then a multitude of massive earthquakes will occur. It was predicted last March and nothing happened. Here are some dire predictions based on asteroids:

This is the link you are redirected to when you click on 'SOME PEOPLE' Thread: EARTHQUAKE!!! due to asteroids near Earth on April 18
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