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Message Subject May 5 target date for earthquake influenced by asteroids
Poster Handle TheTruthWorker
Post Content
Wow, The Truthworker you have been outed.
I'm not surprised someone picked up on it, this is an item by Erik Klemetti, I respect this guy he knows his stuff.

Erik Klemetti - assistant professor of Geosciences at Denison University

The Fraudulent Business of Earthquake and Eruption Prediction
[link to www.wired.com]

Another example, this time using asteroid passing near Earth. Some people claim that certain close approaches of asteroids will cause earthquakes that can be predicted. This is equivalent to the “supermoon” idea, that if the moon is full and closer to the Earth than normal, then a multitude of massive earthquakes will occur. It was predicted last March and nothing happened. Here are some dire predictions based on asteroids:

This is the link you are redirected to when you click on 'SOME PEOPLE' Thread: EARTHQUAKE!!! due to asteroids near Earth on April 18
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23520389

Wow... I got some attention. Wow. But this is not a business. It is a hobby. I have never asked for or received money on this. And I won't. Just looking to share.

The article states about target date of within one day of April 18:

"It claims that this prediction was a “HIT!” because they predicted an earthquake around Apr. 18 because of two asteroids (2012 FC71 and 1996 SK) passing near Earth. Guess what? There were two moderate earthquakes on Apr. 17 — one in the Bonin Islands, one in Chile, both about M6.5 to M6.7."

Yes, a hit.

"Guess what? There are earthquakes of that size that occur outside these windows as well! Take a close look at the supposed “hits” — they predict earthquakes at closest approach but sometimes they’re early, sometimes late. This, again, is matching the data to your prediction."

I clearly state the window which in this case was April 17-18-19

"Guess what? Look at the NASA NEO data for asteroids passing close to Earth and you can see that that asteroids the size of 2012 FC71 (23 to 51 meters across) and 1996 SK (1,600 meters) pass within 0.2 AU of Earth all the time, so unless you want to say all earthquakes are caused by asteroid approaches, this abuse of correlation equally causation is meaningless."

I clearly researched the NEOs and found two that have consistent histories, and posted that data. Very few NEOs have these type of histories and I never said all earthquakes are influenced by asteroids. There are many factors which could trigger quakes.

I agree that there is a 40 to 50% chance of getting a significant quake during any 3 day window. Most recently I have had 10 hits out of 11... with 7 on exact day (18% chance each) What is the odds of that if pure chance is 50% each time?

Sep 14 was recent target date - Hit on Sep 14
Sep 07 was previous target date - Hit on Sep 07
Sep 02 was previous target date - Hit on Sep 03

Aug 26 was previous target date - Hit on Aug 26
Aug 18 was previous target date - Hit on Aug 18
Aug 08 was previous target date - Hit on Aug 08
Aug 06 was previous target date - Hit on Aug 06

Jul 21 was previous target date - Hit on Jul 20
Jul 12 was previous target date - Miss
Jul 05 was previous target date - Hit on Jul 06
Jun 29 was previous target date - Hot on Jun 29

Yes, seems like I target a date every week, because quakes do happen every week.

Next is within a day of Sept 17 but do not see any asteroid/earthquake patterns after that until Sept 26... at least for now.
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