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Message Subject May 5 target date for earthquake influenced by asteroids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When are you going to realise your 6.3 predictions are not impressing anyone ( except the few who don't have a concept of how often they are, and the goalpost rate of a few days which gives you a high percentage of getting it right )

Predict a big one 8> with a couple of days as a goalpost and I would start listening, hey even start with 7> even that would be an eye opener if you got those right, but you are no where near on to something yet.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23472930

You do not need to follow this.

I am demonstrating my theory that significant quakes occur due to asteroid interaction with the planet. I can do it own my own privately or share in public which I am doing, which creates a historic and verifiable record.

If you want a 8.0+ prediction then it is in October 16-28 as posted Aug 29th...


Considering the fact that EQs > 8.0 happen once a year this prediction has 3.5% chance to happen. I can accept it. Just create a separate thread.
 Quoting: Sergman

 Quoting: TheTruthWorker

Listen, I love Geology, I have read up on so much my head is bursting, I am actually going back to school at my age to get grades to attend University to study Geology, it is what I resarch in my own time and what I shall be researching as an education soon.
If someone is adamant their theory works when it comes to Geology I will do my damndest to research and understand it.

Do not put information out there for people to read and ask those who disagree with you not to follow it.

Now, as to your quote on Sergman, he is not be all and end all on this subject, to predict an 8> eq with a 12 day window is just not good enough. If you truly believe your theory to be right you would not give such a timeframe.

I am going to study geology soon, I am not going to sit at my computer on my comfy chair and predict earthquakes on rocks smaller than the moon that you think affect the earth ... come to think of it, if asteroids affect the earth enough to cause earthquakes, then, why don't we have earthquakes all the time from the distance of our huge ( compared to asteroids ) moon ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23472901

1) I choose the time frame from Oct 16 to Oct 28 due to two days with high NEO counts of Oct. 17 and Oct 28 which are my target dates. If you want me to narrow it... then watch October 28th. I have put that date out there for many months.

2) I do not think any influence is cause by gravity. I think it is more related to "electric universe" theory as space rocks build up a charge and perhaps discharge in a way known or unknown causing interactions with Earth and Sun.
 Quoting: TheTruthWorker

So you are saying an asteroid gives off an electrical influence ? no matter the size, even though the asteroid, the moon and our Earth has the same properties ?

So as per your theory the Moon should give the same influence ?
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