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Message Subject May 5 target date for earthquake influenced by asteroids
Poster Handle TheTruthWorker
Post Content
Thread: Plate movement watch underway! Java buoy going wild.. again! (Page 16)

OP, how does this fit into your theory/predictions?

Someone else noticed that the 3 large EQ's we had over the past three days all occurred within the same hour and all within 8 minutes of each other:

25-SEP-2012 23:45:24 24.67 -110.17 6.1 10.0 BAJA

26-SEP-2012 23:39:54 51.63 -178.29 6.4 9.9 ALEUTIAN

27-SEP-2012 23:53:49 -8.82 157.56 6.0 9.9 SOLOMON
 Quoting: get_over_it

Could indicate celestial influence.
Perhaps an electo-magnetic portal alignment and connection,
making a reconnection each 24 hours?
Thinking out loud here.
 Quoting: TheTruthWorker
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