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Message Subject May 5 target date for earthquake influenced by asteroids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Yes I did.

I'd be curious if there is anyone else making connections between asteroids activity history and quake history. Have not found anyone.
 Quoting: TheTruthWorker

You should patent your research before a nerd in MIT...

 Quoting: Coyoxautli

They would laugh them away, have you not read this written by a Geologist? it's a good read, the OP is mentioned.
[link to www.wired.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25841511

Yes, that is cool. I am becoming famous.
But written by a university professor?
Sorry, that reduces his credibility.
And a mainstream geologist?
I doubt he has a clue about what I have researched.

If you think this is BS then run your the stats.
The probability of pure chance of getting the hits I do is, as frequent as I do is about 7% so and all the data is there to verify.
 Quoting: TheTruthWorker

You just don't give in do you.
I tell you what, start predicting bigger quakes than 6's and 'significant newsworthy' quakes and you may, only may, be onto something. Until then I will listen to that professor and geologist rather than someone who sits in their chair at a pc, who thinks they have found a connection.

Tell me, do you even own a telescope?
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