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Message Subject May 5 target date for earthquake influenced by asteroids
Poster Handle pray_Italy
Post Content
Yes indeed....

This is getting SOO twisted in here...... let me get first something straight.

In this EQ 309 people HAVE ACTUALLY DIED and there HAS BEEN NEGLIGENCE on human side.... this just as facts to get me started, let me make my point:

This ruling has been made by a SINGLE judge.
IMHO it is completely wrong.


... do not underestimate the follwing:

The EQ happened on April 5th, 2009..... a few days prior, on March 30th, 2009 to be exact, the "Major Risk Committe" (Commissione Grandi Rischi) which is a branch of the Italian FEMA (Protezione Civile) ALLEGEDLY minimized the situation and re-ensured the population (later affected by the EQ) that NOTHING was going to happen and to return home and to stay there.

Just for the sake for setting the major fact straight.

It does not change anything that the ruling can be regarded as ridiculous at the least, when "scientist" ALWAYS DENY that EQs can be predicted (although in Italy we can the University in Trieste working closely with the International Centre for Theoretical Physiscs ICTP) and recently some papers have INDICATED they indeed can give some good indication/information out about RISK SITUATION for AT THE VERY LEAST give the population a heads-up and be prepared.

Now the above ruling does completely TWIST the entire situation... go figure WHICH SCIENTIST will now risk his career or even endeavour studies in this field if he might go to jail.... OK, it is NOTHING LIKE A SURGEON but anyhow.

As always.... Italy confirms its no. 1 spot as BANANA REPUBLIC... what a shame.

BTW, then the govt wonders WHY all the young graduates from the Universities LEAVE ITALY to go work in other countries... just go figure, WHO would REALLY come to Italy to work???

 Quoting: pray_Italy

I'm 101% with people like you OP (and also ALL THE OTHER quake'tards :) ) which with DEDICATION, RESEARCH and ENTHUSIASM put a LOT of effort into such theories and research, so would the so called mainstream "scientists" please stand up and get the *£$£*$ out of here!!!!!!!!

Open your mind and THINK about new ways to wrap your head about "science".... It should have been PROVEN by now by reading the posts on GLP alone, that READING & UNDERSTANDING the signs can predict CRITICAL DATES when a EQ IS GOING to happen and at time even NARROW DOWN the affected area....

Just keep on working, even if I have a feeling that GLP will be the first to know, prepare and BUG OUT even LONG BEFORE the MSM will report about THE EVENT......
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