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Message Subject May 5 target date for earthquake influenced by asteroids
Poster Handle TrinityMountain
Post Content
Hold off on your BS, Hydra. I have been following these asteroid threads for some time now. Very good accuracy rate.

Not necessarily a whopper EQ, but usually some EQ activity. I believe where the asteroid's approach to Earth corresponds to a specific place on the earth for the EQ. I don't know if it is magnetism, etc. OP has a better handle on this than me.
 Quoting: Old Coot

Thread: EARTHQUAKE within the next 24 hours on October 18 UTC due to ASTEROIDS
Therefore I predict a significant earthquake magnitude 6.3 or more between during a 3-day window of October 16-17-18
Even with a statistic probabillity of 98% he FAILED

Thread: 6.3+ earthquake expected within 12 hours
No 6.3 within even the next four days.


It's not rocket science with a statistical probabillity of 98% to predict an EQ and get a hit.
Whenever he takes a smaller window like 12 or 24 hours or a quake bigger 7 he almost always failed.

 Quoting: Hydra

Over all I think he's doing really good. A for Effort. Better than what you dish up Hydra. It takes little effort at all to debunk and shill. You really don't contribute alot around here except negitivity. Germans for you. Hard ass butt heads. Ignorant to say the least. Your always tearing people down.
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