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Message Subject May 5 target date for earthquake influenced by asteroids
Poster Handle TheTruthWorker
Post Content
Hold off on your BS, Hydra. I have been following these asteroid threads for some time now. Very good accuracy rate.

Not necessarily a whopper EQ, but usually some EQ activity. I believe where the asteroid's approach to Earth corresponds to a specific place on the earth for the EQ. I don't know if it is magnetism, etc. OP has a better handle on this than me.
 Quoting: Old Coot

Thread: EARTHQUAKE within the next 24 hours on October 18 UTC due to ASTEROIDS
Therefore I predict a significant earthquake magnitude 6.3 or more between during a 3-day window of October 16-17-18
Even with a statistic probabillity of 98% he FAILED

Thread: 6.3+ earthquake expected within 12 hours
No 6.3 within even the next four days.


It's not rocket science with a statistical probabillity of 98% to predict an EQ and get a hit.
Whenever he takes a smaller window like 12 or 24 hours or a quake bigger 7 he almost always failed.

 Quoting: Hydra

Dates with a quake 6.3+ or greater

There is only one chance to get a hit on any given date even if there were multiple quakes on the same date. However there is the chance to get up to 3 hits during a 3 day window if a quake hit on all three days. Here are the stats from USGS for past two years:

Nov 1, 2010 to Oct 31, 2011
70 quake dates
5.9 average per month
20% probability on any date
60% probability over 3 day window

Nov 1, 2011 to Oct 31, 2012
54 quake dates
4.5 average per month
15% probability on any date
45% probability over 3 day window

Over past 12 months we average a 6.3+ quake about once a week. For anyone to claim there is a 98% chance of a 6.3+ quake during a 3 day window, I'd just ask "On which planet?"
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