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Message Subject Need Help/Insight-Psychological Effects of Hunting
Poster Handle Stark
Post Content
its not 3k. anyway.
you sort of lost me

you feel detached from the hunter gatherer part of yourself? who is intouch with that part of themself?? like did you used to hunt alot and thats what you meant because you no longer do??

secondly, you said you feel un mascaline and doing mundane things doesnt fullfill or satisfy you?.

i think theres other issues here then hunting? you just wanna learn how to hunt? or you think its gonna make you feel more whole or something?? i dont getit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15779560

It says users online-2,543 (almost 2700 when i posted that) so i just guess it was accurate...

I understand I lost you. I'm not saying many feel connected to that, but maybe some transfer that energy into the workplace. Like achieving and making lots of money has replaced achieving and having meat.

I don't want to just learn how to hunt, I have always been a nature kinda guy, i spend most of my time out doors, and I am currently building a Cob house. I have always wanted to live this way, i just feel its time to DO it.

i know what you mean by other issues here than hunting, which is why i was trying to find, perhaps an article or a study on the psychological effects of actually finding and securing your food from the source instead of buying it at the store.

Like, does it cause some sort of mental process to be triggered, problably a reward response that most people dont get from buying food at a store?

If that doesnt make more sense let me know.
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