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Message Subject Need Help/Insight-Psychological Effects of Hunting
Poster Handle Stark
Post Content
My advice us to take up fishing. This assumes that you have good access to fish-able waters. You can fish for something almost year around, and your ratio of meat to time and money spent will be superior to any form of hunting.

Maybe, once you get used to gutting, scaling, and fileting fish, you will be more ready for for gutting and field dressing game.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17006327

Good point.
And if you do decide to take up hunting deer make sure your attitude is the correct hunter's one:respect for the animal, don't waste any of it,never leave a wounded one to its fate.
Read up on the native hunter's ethos.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4473716

I have the correct attitude. Not trying to sound pompous or anything, but trust me.

I grow alot of my own food, medicinces, forage, etc. I respect the land as part of my spiritual beliefs. I understand that the Earth does not belong to man, but man belongs to the Earth .

I've fished most my life, and shrimped when i lived in the marsh.

I can't say i particularly care for fish as food, but that was sound advice, thanks!

It's not about the money, or any of that, its kinda like a right of passage, spiritually, and a form of physical act as medicine, physically.
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