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Message Subject Need Help/Insight-Psychological Effects of Hunting
Poster Handle Northman
Post Content
I can say that this needs a long reply. I don't have much time to spend but I feel you may put it to good use. First theres nothing wrong with hunting. Don't ever feel guilty, your more of a human for accepting what you are and living life the way we have lived for thousands of years. So shed the guilt that others throw your way. First just go and hike for a season or two so you become intune with moving in the woods and comfortable with the noises and sounds learn to identify what the sounds and smells are. you will start to go further and feel calmer and more confident. At this point don't include others in what your doing , this is for you and its the journey and the experiences along the way that will shape you as a person in a very passive way. And outside influence is not a good thing. Once you get some experience and feel ready start to make your first attempts at communicating with your surroundings, try to replicate the sounds of the animals. Being able to call in a variety of animals will give you a confidence not found in anything else, when ready begin to hunt in ernest, focus your effort until you are successful, this is a lifelong journey. Lastly at some point take time to help others discover these things, its also part of the journey. Good luck , now walk out.
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