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Message Subject Mystery deepens after thousands of fish and birds wash up dead on the Canada shore of Lake Erie...
Poster Handle Diakonos
Post Content
Nearly everyday there are more mass deaths, how long will it be before it starts affecting our way of life?

Here is an updated list of die offs

[link to watchful-servant.blogspot.ca]

 Quoting: Diakonos

LOL "our way of life" LOL ..that is soooooo funny !!!

They should call it "our way of death". That is a more accurate description of the way the human race lives.

For we are killing ourselves to "live".
 Quoting: celestial-chemist 18131262

That's just it though, if you look at the reasons for the die offs they are all over the place. There is no one reason for them. Sure some are related to pollution, and other activities of humans but only a small percentage.

Many are due to things out of mans control

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