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Message Subject THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED and the Birthday Child of December 21, 23 , 2012..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can you summarize your point in one or two sentences ?
 Quoting: !saac

Thousands of years of anticipation by the Esoteric Orders in one or two sentences. hmmmm..

I think Im going to go to Mcdonalds and order an egg mcmuffin.


Sure, if somebody understands what it is they're writing about they should be able to sum it up in a few simple sentences for the dolts like myself, no ?

I'm not attacking you, dood, I'm just asking for an explanation without a bunch of extemporaneous fluff.

Enjoy the Mcfood.
 Quoting: !saac

I like you friend,

Its all about the bread, the body and the yolk of the egg..

SUN GOD CELEBRATION =) along with the Black Sun Conjunction.

You really do have eggs and bread on your mind this morning, dontcha ?

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