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Message Subject THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED and the Birthday Child of December 21, 23 , 2012..
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
ignore the obvious and anyone reads way too much into symbolism when its only pineal glands/brain parts,ego traits,divine feminine and divine masculine and white or white pillars will represent the white salt of potassium iodide KI it takes to open all the areas i just mentioned...their are also multiple meaning with these areas as Waterman mentioned with the divine feminine and divine masculine.....the cats are all out of the bags,Ezekiel 7:19 has been fulfilled,the silver and gold is out in the streets...
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

What advice do you have for someone who is allergic to KI?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1526444
that's just detox sickness your going through as i also went through,,i had cold sores,acne,headaches,body aches,runny noses,ear aches etc before the toxins were all out and my brain and body stopped fighting my will power..as the brain and body struggled to hold what they had stored all through my lifetime..
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
PS its goes better and faster if you change your diet to the god diet and stop putting trash into the temple for it to fight to hold on too..no smoking or drinking also,everyone needs to help themselves change in the twinkling of an eye by stopping the trash that goes in..plenty of pure water,as summer is best unless you work out to sweat the toxins out also..since I'm a time traveler,i may know some things,first one through is always the first one through in any time line and i always leave myself clues to stop them from keeping me asleep..but that's just a theory so as not to break any timeline laws and no one can prove i helped write the ancient texts to tie into todays texts,lol.
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