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Message Subject THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED and the Birthday Child of December 21, 23 , 2012..
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
Hey Apollo, don't let the trolls get to you. most of them can't even begin to comprehend what you're talking about. you have a deep seated esoteric knowledge, one which is way above the trolls. so, fuck em man, there are plenty of people on GLP who DO understand the esoteric knowledge and they are reading your posts...
 Quoting: Donivan

...and you have a deep throated esoteric cock between your lips...get off his nuts already...
 Quoting: Molech 23294610
1rof1..take it easy,he's 32 degrees frozen and under and means well..everyone gets fed a lot of hog slop if they eat pig and beef and dont know about the salt..to be 33+,you got to do as Christ did..,how can you have any meat if you dont eat your pudding,lol...the white rice pudding they are talking about is symbolism for the white potassium iodide KI salt you take before the meat /knowledge is fed to you...i read alot about ancient cultures as a child and teen and read the bible twice front to back before i ate the pudding,so the spirit helps me remember and connect all the jots and tittles,lol.
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
PS and then again i may be a time traveler as everyone else is and false memories are used to cover the missions,lol...and everyone right now may be in the past but dont remember the trips because their brains and bodys are clogged up by the present timeline trash,lol...just a theory though,hey national security>flip..and that explains where all the bodies went from the ancient civilizations went,we just time traveled and we were also in those cultures as the masses,lol.
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