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Message Subject THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED and the Birthday Child of December 21, 23 , 2012..
Poster Handle Plane
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The Mural of Bank of America has spawned a lot of Esoteric and Masonic study...It has been compared to the Esoteric Murals of the Denver Airport.


(DISCLAIMER: For Esoteric Theological Research /Entertainment only. Nothing is implied of the actual artist intent, nor Bank of America)

The one on the furthest right is called Planning/Knowledge. and features a blonde boy of about five years old standing in front of a Pyramid and atop a red and white checkerboard floor. Businessmen look at him as if puzzled.


Planning was undertaken for many years to await the December 23, 2007 alignment that created a Grand Cross in the Sky... The Sun was to conjunct Jupiter, Mercury , Pluto to create the top of the upright beam, Venus in Scorpio was to create the left hand cross beam reflective of the passions of paganism, and Neptune and Chiron was to create the right hand cross beam reflective of the flood judgment of Yahweh.


The Moon opposeth at the bottom of the Upright beam along with the Moon at the feet of the Woman and Mars which represented the Soldiers spear.

Now we flash forward to five years on December 21, 2012 of the Mayan Calendar Prophecy..

December 21, 2012, "APPROACHING "Happy Birthday Fresco Boy ! . The Woman was Impregnated by Saturn.. the Cube of New Jerusalem had begun .

SOL INVICTUS and his Christmas Birthday was the reason for the season..


Lets look at the image of the Black Sun of Saturn and Nigredo.. In December 23, 2007, Saturn was in Virgo, (the woman) and opposed Uranus in Pisces. This was the descent of the Philosopher King when at Noon you had the Aries Ascendant. This created a Square alignment across the sacral chakra of the one impaled.. As mythology attests, Uranus was castrated and so was Osiris.

The Black Sun (invisible) is also alchemical body besides the nigredo of saturn. The Mystery alignment is called.

Black Sun Feast Day...

December 24th, when it conjuncts the visible Sun


Underneath the Black Sun is a cube with a woman ascending under its rays, (beams)

This can be explained in the Rebis Alchemical formula that was pictured in the Black Eyed Peas Video. (Meet me Halfway)


Finalizing the Cube and Pyramid is the Triumphant alignment of the Trine and the Cross resulting in a cube of the alchemical marriage...


BOY (Manchild) AROUND 5 years old...

The Burning Bush of Moses proclaims, I am that I am..under the fire of Aries, the Acendant of the Alpha.

The key phrase for Aries is "I am"


In the picture with the boy on the checkerboard floor you see 4 men the first one looks like Bill Clinton the 3 one looks like Bush SR. yelling at the 2nd one representing Bush Jr. and seems to be saying your acting like a child. The 4th one resembles Obama which will be the last president before the manchild appears
 Quoting: waterman

WOW, I think youre right, Were in this time period right now !

Good job ! hf

its an eclipse not a black sun. notice a tree burning and a pyramid is in the horizon. id say action is taking place in maroco and the boy is swedish.
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