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Message Subject THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED and the Birthday Child of December 21, 23 , 2012..
Poster Handle Swinging on Spirals
Post Content

Would I be correct in saying the 'majic' didn't work on him?
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals

It should always work. Depends on his chart. The outer wheel moves and sparks the other planets into action..

Every body part is stimulated too with each alignment stirring each chakra, just like the Rosicrucian Esoteric development of the En Nous Physis Psyche. (The soul (psyche), which is derived from nous, emanates to the real world (physis ). )This is the Inner and outer Body parallel to the fetal stage inside the mother. (Manly P Hall did a excellent booklet on this. )

Last work is the Phallus, the final and the end consummatum. Its allegory mysteries go back to the Adam Kadmon and birth of Atum from the Primordial Egg. About the phallus, I would think the phallus is the genetic revealing of his true Tribe and heritage too.

Remember, He has to be equipped for every good work. He will have to rule a country, a world and world Government. This has to be understood in him of his destiny. Anything that falls short, he wouldnt be able to do this. Everything however has been given him to be able to fulfill his task and calling. It doesnt take overnight.

You make it sound like there may be a chance that he will fail.

If he fails, the world will take a different path. Correct?
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals

Its impossible ! Its like asking, "will the sun one day not shine?" or will God ever die?"

If it ever failed, the Universe will probaly collapse upon itself back to the monad of the ONE. But this is already prophecied to happen at the end of time

Everything on earth was made for him. Were here to play out one story at a time..Each souls evolution.


Well, god speed to him, wherever art thou!

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