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Message Subject THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED and the Birthday Child of December 21, 23 , 2012..
Poster Handle HEYLEL
Post Content
The one on the furthest right is called Planning/Knowledge. and features a blonde boy of about five years old standing in front of a Pyramid and atop a red and white checkerboard floor. Businessmen look at him as if puzzled.


The key phrase for Aries is "I am"


What I would like to point out that I do not think anyone else has yet is the fact that the boys right eye, right side of his brain and his senses are exposed while his left side is encased in a red box. Most people are not aware that we are under left sided mind control where TBTB have switched our true natures through education, propaganda and mind control to mainly use only of left sided animal brains. Thus switching off our divine right sided brains which is where we become divine and communicate to the divine.

Hence, I AM that I AM and I AM not your slave to be used for energy and commerce.

This is I Pet Got and the business people are staring at the messiah Goat judging and fearing him ....

 Quoting: HEYLEL

So true Heylel, A++. We are enclosed in left brain thinking in this world. The right brain of Enki EA consciousness is suppressed.

Yes, but we all know that it simply had to be suppressed in order to be where the Brotherhood is at today. We could never have the peace we may see in our lifetimes or shortly thereafter without the mind control or propaganda that we have been under for so long. It is much better that burning on a cross or having our heads chopped off.

That was NEVER the plan of the Brotherhood.

It is great to be alive now and help bring in a new era the right brain of Enki EA consciousness is without fear of being killed by our own kin.hf
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