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Message Subject THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED and the Birthday Child of December 21, 23 , 2012..
Poster Handle HEYLEL
Post Content

Have you ever heard of "Life is a stage" or "ORDO AB CHAO or even the "Ends Justifies the Means?" Rayrayz?

Just FYI dude, you have taken the Jew propaganda, hook, line and sinker. Hence, you are what I cal fawken Mind Controlled sheople acting like a crazy wanna be goat as you run off the cliff with the other billions of sheep.

All I see when you write and reply to AI is baaaaa, baaa. baa. Yet, the wool has so grown over your eyes you cannot even see the past the mind control you have sold your soul to.

 Quoting: HEYLEL

Good answer Bro ! Yes, it seems Ray is stuck in Platos cave.. Its like a double theatre. You have on one theatre watching Snooki and Kardashian and Jersey Shore, while in the next Theatre its horror movies. Ray is stuck watching horror movies.
When you step out of Platos cave you realize the Orderliness and divine planning and the beauty of natural law within harmony and truth..

Thanks Brother and let me please add in Ray's defense that I have been guilty of his same fear and loathing in USA and evil banker land as well. Once in a while I fall back on my old bad habits, but not so much anymore. What I realized is that when I get angry at the "ILLUSION" I AM feeding it my energy and thus losing power.

It's like DUH! How stupid can I be to not see that?

Now, I more use that energy to create on my websites that actually hurt "the game" and expose it to millions of people. Personally, I know this is more productive than getting angry at "the show" and or "players."

And remember you can still throw tomatoes and shoes at the "players and actors" because that is what they are there for ;)
 Quoting: HEYLEL

LOL ! Tomatoes and shoes, Whats funny is that handing over the shoe is a Masonic initiation, it is very symbolic.

And it helps to learn were actually in the Second Resurrection. Were here for a reason Heylel. Were in judgement day RIGHT NOW ! Not in some future time, but right now. Everything has to be exposed to draw out who will continue on and who will not..

Only those who sin against the Holy Spirit. (precious innocent life) will be destroyed.

Most sparks of the Kellipot will be freed , the last shards of light imprisoned..

We in a elaborate prison by design.

Brother, nothing is ironic, but fate and prophecy my friend. What is fate is the fact that my biggest issue always when I was growing up was that I AM here for a reason and not just to be a slave or meaningless being. Now I know why I went through all that pain, trials and tests to come to where we are now in Judgement day.

How can one be an honest and ethical judge who has not walked in the judged shoes? They simply cannot.

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