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Message Subject THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED and the Birthday Child of December 21, 23 , 2012..
Poster Handle HEYLEL
Post Content

Ok, Ok, so the Nigerian Administration is actually Jewish ? I didnt know that, And the Caste System of India is Jewish too?

And the Chinese Government were Jewish people all along? And

The Jewish people must be in the Mexican Drug Lords and and also behind all the chaos and Revolution in Syria too. President Assad is a Jew youre saying?

In the Upcoming election, who do I vote for? President Obama must be a Jew and so is Romney, Hes not a Mormon, he must be a Jew as well...

Oh wow. Im really understanding now, Thank you..

I guess while were at it, Benny Hinn is a Jew and so is Jack Van Impe.
Kim Jong Un must be a Jew as well...

I also might have a Jew under my bed...

Ok, Ok, so the Nigerian Administration is actually Jewish ? I didnt know that, And the Caste System of India is Jewish too?

Yeah the Nigerians are running the world banking and geopolitical scene...Big time players those Nigerians.
India is indeed heavily influenced and run by the world Jewish crime network via Britain(Rothschilds) They are a great low wage resource for the cartel.

And the Chinese Government were Jewish people all along? And

lol...Are you serious? The Communist Chinese government was completely set up Jewish interests.

[link to www.stumbleupon.com]
Israel Epstein, second from right in front, standing in front of Mao. He later became the minister of appropriations, an extremely powerful position in a practically cashless era. To the right of him is another Jew, also under cover as a journalist

Mao in a high-level meeting with several jewish people [Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, and Solomon Adler]

Mao with Sidney Rittenberg. Wikipedia claims he "observed" the upper levels of Chinese leadership:
[link to www.stumbleupon.com]
Sidney Rittenberg (August 14, 1921; Chinese name: Lǐ Dūnbái 李敦白) is an American interpreter and scholar who lived in China from 1944 to 1979. He worked closely with People's Republic of China (PRC) founder Mao Zedong, military leader Zhu De, statesman Zhou Enlai, and other leaders of the Communist party during the war, and was with these central Communist leaders at Yan'an. He witnessed first-hand much of what occurred at upper levels of the CCP and knew many of its leaders personally. He was the first American citizen to join the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

[link to www.stumbleupon.com]
Rittenberg's connections and experience have enabled him to run a successful consultancy business representing some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Intel, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, Hughes Aircraft and Teledesic.

1. Foreign nationals are not allowed to be naturalized as Chinese citizens. How did these jewish people magically do it?

2. Rittenberg's "consultancy business" is in fact one of the largest, or largest, advertising agencies in the world. Was he the actual Chinese minister of propaganda?
A note about Mao: He was picked up to play puppet leader with resourced funneled through Yale University (whose symbol has Hebrew on it), in a Skull and Bones type scheme. The location was Yali Highschool in Changsha, Hunan Province - a branch of Yale. Mao was a disturbed young man - a completely controllable, blackmailable puppet for their purposes.

[link to www.stumbleupon.com]
"Rewi Alley," the man who organized communes in China before Chinese even knew they were to be ruled by Jewish communists (in the 1920's, well before 1949)

[link to www.stumbleupon.com]
George Sokolsky, Jewish columnist for Hearst appointed to stop Joseph McCarthy's housecleaning

[link to www.stumbleupon.com]
Robert Lawrence Kuhn [1], another Jewish investment banker "consultant" to the CCP

[link to www.stumbleupon.com]
Robert Lawrence Kuhn seen talking about who the new Chinese president will be, while Chinese have no clue about it

From a Chinese article on the Jewish birthday party:

Three CPPCC [politburo] members with foreign origins celebrated their 90th birthday together at Jingfeng Hotel, one of the hotels in Beijing appointed for the NPC and CPPCC sessions, on March 8. Israel Epstein, Sidney Shapiro (Sha Boli) and Chen Bidi were born in Poland, the United States and Canada respectively, and they obtained Chinese nationality in 1957 and 1963. As experts who have long been working in the field of foreign publicity, they witnessed China's revolution and socialist modernization drive.

[link to www.stumbleupon.com]
Virginius Frank Coe, Jewish operative in China. From wikipedia: Blacklisted...Coe sought work abroad, eventually finding...the People's Republic of China, where he joined a circle of expatriates working with the government. In 1962, he was joined by Solomon Adler in the circle. Coe participated in Mao's Great Leap Forward, a plan for the rapid industrialization and modernization of China. His works include articles justifying the Rectification campaign.


The Jewish people must be in the Mexican Drug Lords and and also behind all the chaos and Revolution in Syria too. President Assad is a Jew youre saying?(cheap Jewish shill deception there...You are now officially on the watch list Shlomo.

Yeah the Jewish mafia aka the "Russian Mafia" is heavily involved in drug trafficking and the violence and poverty that is a result of it.


The major figure in uncovering the Russian Jewish Mafia in America was a journalist named Robert I. Friedman who died in 2002 at the age of 51 from a so-called “tropical disease.”

In his book, Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America, Friedman interviewed major underground Russian Jewish figures and uncovered their criminal activities in the USA.

After Friedman’s book was published, Russian Jewish Mafia leaders put a bounty on his head for $100,000. The Russian Jewish Mafia knows that it can murder with impunity given their working relationship with European and American intelligence agencies. Even the FBI in America keeps no files on the activities of the Russian Jewish Mafia.

In fact, the FBI, according to Friedman, is loathe to go after Russian Jewish mafia figures because of intense pressure, (and $$$ to key officials), from the Anti Defamation League (ADL). The ADL persuaded the FBI to call off investigations saying that it would “foster anti-Semitism” and bias Americans against genuine “Soviet-refugees.”

link banned here...hmmmm

 Quoting: Rayrayz

Have you ever heard of "Life is a stage" or "ORDO AB CHAO or even the "Ends Justifies the Means?" Rayrayz?

Just FYI dude, you have taken the Jew propaganda, hook, line and sinker. Hence, you are what I cal fawken Mind Controlled sheople acting like a crazy wanna be goat as you run off the cliff with the other billions of sheep.

All I see when you write and reply to AI is baaaaa, baaa. baa. Yet, the wool has so grown over your eyes you cannot even see the past the mind control you have sold your soul to.

 Quoting: HEYLEL

Show me what I have claimed is propaganda or not true?

You can't. So you are just going to through a hissy fit because you have a faulty world view that can't stand the test against facts.

Mind controlled sheep eh? This coming from a guy that literally lives in a fantasy world and thinks he is the second coming of Christ?

You are too cartoonish of a character to take seriously.

Weak and miserable attempt...and the Queen song at the end of your post is gayer than aids.
 Quoting: Rayrayz

All Jew conspiracies are propaganda you fool...

Coming from you, that is no sweat off my brow and correction, I AM the 1 thousand plus coming of Saint John. At least get that rite if you are going to make fun of me. When you start embedding David Duke videos and spouting Jew this and Jew that, I now know the kind of brain dead fool that I AM dealing with.

I guess next you are going to go after the Illuminati and bankers and that is after you vote Republican because Obama dont have a birth certificate.
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