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Message Subject THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED and the Birthday Child of December 21, 23 , 2012..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can you summarize your point in one or two sentences ?
 Quoting: !saac

Thousands of years of anticipation by the Esoteric Orders in one or two sentences. hmmmm..

I think Im going to go to Mcdonalds and order an egg mcmuffin.


Sure, if somebody understands what it is they're writing about they should be able to sum it up in a few simple sentences for the dolts like myself, no ?

I'm not attacking you, dood, I'm just asking for an explanation without a bunch of extemporaneous fluff.

Enjoy the Mcfood.
 Quoting: !saac

That's not how these 'esoteric' guys work.

They speak in riddles. They won't just put it out there plainly and succinctly. They like knowing things and dangling things over people's heads.
 Quoting: The Gallows

The only meaning a word has, is that which is attached by the listener. So communication is limited to the knowledge and understanding of the listener rather than the wealth which may be present in the speaker. A good teacher has the talent to tempt the listener to learn more/deeper meaning to the words he hears. This is usually done by what lazy people call 'riddles' which is where the speaker tells the story and sometimes re-tells the story to make sure as the listener learns they do not accidentally attach the wrong meanings to the words. Most people are too lazy to bother to figure out the 'riddle'. They do not care to learn more definition or deeper meaning and simply want to coast by on their limited and simplistic knowledge of language all the while talking down about something or someone they see as "dangling things over people's heads."
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