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Rockefeller Foundation: Pandemic to kill 8 million by 2013

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1263453
United Kingdom
09/06/2012 12:40 PM
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Rockefeller Foundation: Pandemic to kill 8 million by 2013
Article from July 2010 (I only just came across it).
Still interesting never the less, especially considering some told me today that swine flu was in her workplace. Saying that, has it really ever disappeared? Who knows what flu like virus cold appear next.


From: [link to www.politicsforum.org]

This item really isn't conspiracy theory, but it is a bit too out there for the main forum even if it did come from the Rockefeller Foundation and not from a conspiracy movie.

The "philanthropists" at the Rockefeller Foundation have laid out four scenarios of possible future events that are likely to "happen" over the next few years, and none of them look promising. One dark scenario lays out what the future of the world will look like if a global pandemic similar to the swine flu kills 8 million "happens." The future planners happily conclude that society will resume under a semi-permanent global martial law/police state type scenario even after the pandemic.......