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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ooooo. What if he outs himself? Do you think he would be banned permanently?

Those mods man. They aren't to be trifled with.
 Quoting: Jonny Blaze

There is absolutely no reason to out himself, so why do it?
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals

Truth is, he has before and been banned and they have reset his user account number and directly told him not to do it. he was invited back to this form directly because some "higher ups" dig what he has to say and his ability to express things.

Truth is, there is absolutely no reason to out himself, because even if he does he can't. Not because of the mods, but for that thing in the human mind that stops others from seeing him as he is now.

If he was to try to out himself he looks like nothing more then one of those needy freaks that infect the board with their own inner stupidity.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21656968

You can't out a cat that's already out of the bag.

You can only push your weight around like the big swinging dick you are, and I'm the longest dick of the law.
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