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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle NOBODY
Post Content
No one here actually wants to know who I am. For one thing, it would remove the mystery and defeat the purpose of my presence being revealed to begin with. For another thing, as has already been stated elsewhere, I am obscure and unlikable in this world. The work I did is of an entirely different order, understandable to few and known to even fewer. As someone here suggested, to "out myself" would be foolish as I would only be seen as just another egomaniac or attention-grabber. And if anyone else were to "out" me, I would deny it for the same reasons.

But I will tell you this. Something has happened that has upset the whole timetable of world events as planned by the "PTB." And they ain't happy, but there's nothing they can do, because of the actions that were taken on another level of reality.
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