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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What are you people going to do without your world of fantasy?
 Quoting: Mnemosyne/Zeus

buuh! let people have their fun Muse :)
does it even matter if it's true or not? there more I really think about it, the less I care :p

Beers > The Nobody
thank god it's friday soon!
 Quoting: Michael_

You make the point well, Michael. Hope some drunk does not try to come in your apartment again. That actually concerned me deeply.
 Quoting: Mnemosyne/Zeus

haha :D

Well im kinda armed now! with a letter opener and a screwdriver :D
I think I might harm myself more with that though, Im not exactly gargantua, however Im no midget either, not that there is anything wrong with being little, one love little people! one love.

Fear not! the only drunk in my appartment is gonna be me!
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