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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle nobody
Post Content
copied from another thread,,

yet seemed sychronistic in essence,,

whilst those that own the televisional control are aware of the many layers of the dimensional onion,,

they operate via a fear based concept,, within this controlled reality,,

those that use fear too control any system,, are often also in fear,,

as is the ultimate controlling purpose,, of any compartmentalisation of information prymid based rulership,,

each lower level fears the higher level above,, as an unknown greator higher rulership,,

the capstone never known by most,, yet feared,,

as a construct for ultimate superiority and controll it works wonderfully,, yet it doesn't seem like a very loving system of all,,

what if originally the love of all,, was the all seeing eye capstone,,

and yet a long time ago it was lost and re-placed?,,

hmmm,, interesting provocation,,

however this one never judges,,

just witnesses,,

much love,,
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