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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Ice Station Zebra
Post Content
The truth of the idealisim of the nobody, that he fights against, is that he himself is in fact that. Though there is a degree of negitive context to "them" projecting upon him this "nobody" statius, there is also truth to it.

"THEY" interact with him thusly as they can not believe, accept within themselves, that which he has in fact told them that he is.

Such that if he was to try to tell you right here and now who he was, the greatest majority if not the totality would not believe him.

It is a delisious delight of thinking. He himself is a shadow, that he doesn't want to be, but that it would seem the false reality of this world project to protect it's delusional dream of the dead.

That one they call the nobody is not here to make friends nor be known. He reconizes wisdom even from the biggest dumbasses around. AC is the only way for him to be these days. He tryed long long ago being more but found it turned him around to being less.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21656968


the crop circle-nobody thread referred to the 7 chakras and the number 8. In reference?.. What does this personally signify in the nobody's realm (in action?)
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